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Soteria carries a gift that serves to elicit freedom, change and growth. Throughout her journey, she has worked to build a kingdom identity as a poet, advocate, instructor, and voice. Her name has helped shape who she is “Soteria” draws on the Greek term symbolizing deliverance, preservation, safety, and salvation.


There have been many influences that shaped her life as a child of God, including giving back to others and imparting into them. She hopes to be known for being a student of God and bringing life and deliverance to the world. Her ministry is one that cultivates and lifts up the experiences of those she is blessed to encounter. Each one of us has Soteria ( Salvation/Deliverance ) in us, the question is who is waiting on what you have?

why poetry

Why NOT poetry. Writing has been a therapeutic tool for me and so many others. You can be lost and found in the lines of what you write, read, or hear. Poetry has given me an OPPORTUNITY to impact others in a way I never thought imaginable. This little girl in her room writing in silence, in frustration, in hope, in truth and, more importantly, in love has been given a door I never thought I deserved to walk through. Yet the Favor of God continues to outshine anything I could have ever asked for.

Definition of Soteria (Origin: Greek)

Welfare, prosperity, deliverance, preservation, salvation, safety 

I desire nothing more than to leave a Legacy but sometimes the weight of this Legacy is heavy. I question it but for some reason it doesn’t seem to question me. Many things I am but a legend, a legend, I can not be. Yet, just as the bees find honey so did legacy find me. It says I’ll be encompassed by its security and its compass will secure me. Legacy said he will meet me where I am and help me carry this, dismissed bliss, fixed by legacy’s kiss. Legacy vowed to cater to me even my ancestral needs. For my faults I apologized and Legacy said there is no need. All you need you were already created to be…


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